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Trepp and Rockport Create Joint Venture to Deliver Commercial Real Estate Web-Based Solution

January 14, 2013

Platform Provides End-to-End Lending, Asset Management and Surveillance Solution to Maximize Transparency and Reduce Risk

Trepp LLC (Trepp), the recognized leader in CMBS information, and The Rockport Group (Rockport), the leading provider of commercial mortgage lending and asset management software, have launched a joint venture, TreppPort, to provide a robust, end-to-end lending, surveillance and risk management web-based platform. TreppPort's platform leverages two solid foundations to assess an institution's entire commercial real estate (CRE) exposure, whether in the form of on-book senior loans, mezzanine debt, CMBS bonds or CRE equity.

TreppPort integrates clients' CRE related portfolios with third-party data, such as Trepp's extensive public market data of 150,000 loans, enabling clients to manage, analyze and benchmark CRE bonds, loans, and properties in a single, centralized, customizable and reportable platform. Delivered via software-as-a-service, TreppPort supports a variety of CRE firms including institutional lenders and investors, asset managers, B-Piece investors, conduit lenders and rating agencies.

"TreppPort represents the convergence of institutional knowledge with market data, which is unique," said Rick Trepp, Chairman of Rockport. "By providing a single, centralized platform to better underwrite, value and analyze loans and properties whether held on-book or under bonds, TreppPort greatly increases efficiency, reduces redundancy and enhances management of risk," Trepp said.

"We are excited about this business extension for Trepp," said Annemarie DiCola, CEO of Trepp. "Until now, CRE investors and lenders have had few efficient and effective options for managing their global holdings end-to-end," DiCola said. "Previously, clients had to build their own internal models and databases or outsource the integration and build. Those options were silo-specific, costly to develop, maintain, and keep consistently updated with deal, loan and property information. TreppPort will be a game-changer," DiCola said.

About Rockport

Rockport, founded over a decade ago by Rick Trepp, is the recognized industry standard provider of a SaaS solution for commercial mortgage loan origination, underwriting, securitization and asset management. Rockport provides a securely hosted, configurable off-the-shelf system that provides a robust infrastructure and analytical toolset for loan sizing and underwriting, pipeline tracking, loan and portfolio-level reporting and analysis, and performance tracking. Today the platform is widely used by banks, funds and life companies for the origination, securitization and asset management of performing and non-performing loans and REO. For more information, visit www.therockportgroup.com.

About Trepp

Trepp, LLC, also founded by Rick Trepp in 1979, is the leading provider of information, analytics and technology to the CMBS, commercial real estate and banking markets. Trepp provides primary and secondary market participants with the web-based tools and insight they need to increase their operational efficiencies, information transparency and investment performance. From its offices in New York, San Francisco and London, Trepp serves its clients with products and services to support trading, research, risk management, surveillance and portfolio management. Trepp is wholly-owned by DMG Information, the information publishing division of the Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT). For more information, visit www.trepp.com.

To learn more about TreppPort, visit www.TreppPort.com.