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Rockport Releases Version 5 with Full Ad Hoc Reporting

July 2008

Rockport is pleased to announce the release of version 5 of the Rockport System, which includes full ad hoc reporting.

Ad hoc reporting allows users to create database queries on the fly, in the form of reports, matrices (tables) and charts. It is designed to create a quick custom report in a basic layout, and also for running reports and instantly sending them to selected email addresses in outside file formats (Excel, Word, PDF and comma separated). Ad hoc reports may be stored, published or scheduled for email distribution.

Ad hoc provides Rockport users with a powerful tool to see their data in any combination, on-demand, giving them an edge when the need to analyze data in response to current events or sudden changes in market conditions.

About Rockport

Rockport was founded in the 1990's to provide tools to help solve the problems facing the Commercial Real Estate Industry. These tools have evolved into an enterprise web-based platform that gives institutions control over their Commercial Real Estate Assets and Portfolio Risk. Rockport's platform includes a comprehensive core database, scalable document repository, simple and configurable web interface, integrated Microsoft Excel underwriting model, powerful reporting, compliance functionality and secure hosting leveraging SAS 70 Type II certified datacenters with geographically dispersed backups.